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Administration Services

Income is the lifeblood of any business. The most pressing question for an FSP is therefore “How can I maximise my time in order to earn a sustainable income, sufficient to sustain present and future lifestyle expenses?”

By defining customer interactions, an FSP can unlock his/her future remuneration potential. Indeed time away from clients attending to administration and compliance matters is seen as non- income producing.

We offer bespoke insurance administration solutions that is supported by all leading South African short term insurers. By usitising these services the FSP is free to spend more client facing time thus maximizing earning potential.

This administration service includes:

  • Full quoting capability
  • Access to a wider insurance market by virtue of our extensive Insurance agencies.
  • Policy issuing
  • Ability for FSP to ‘white label” their product offering to their clients.
  • Debit order collection facility.
  • Policy maintenance.
  • Claims administration.
  • Access to leading Compliance experts.

Professional indemnity cover scheme which delivers competitive pricing and optional benefits specifically designed to address the needs of independent advisors.

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