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Secure Business Continuity

One of the biggest fears of independent brokers is “What will happen to my business if something should happen to me?”

We all know that the FSB requires registered FSPs to have an active “Business Continuity plan”. Most of us will complete this plan with the focus only on operational issues, “What if my office burns down etc.” Yet the biggest risk to a business is the loss of the principle/owner of the business.

We have actively been involved in assisting brokers with this delicate issue over many years.

Our approach is non- threatening and makes practical sense which allows the business owner to secure his/her legacy and will ensure that surviving spouse and family are guaranteed a continuity of income.

As your clients are your/ your family’s livelihood, we will ensure a smooth transition should a catastrophe prevent you from managing your business. Not only do we help in “ticking the box“ from a compliance perspective but we also assist in the practical issues of ensuring that your business will still continue to operate should you no longer be able to do so.

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