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Orchid Risk Services is proud to be associated with the following insurance suppliers. The relationships we have with our suppliers is the basis of the service that we supply to you.


AIG (www.aig.co.za)


AC&E engineering underwriting managers (www.engineeringace.co.za)


Auto and General (www.autogen.co.za)


CIA (www.engineeringace.co.zawww.cia.co.za)


CIB (www.cib.co.za)


Cross Country (www.cccic.co.za)


Camargue underwriting managers (www.camargueum.co.za)


Credit Guarantee (www.creditguarantee.co.za)


Discovery Insure (www.discovery.co.za)


Garagesure (www.garagesure.co.za)


Genlib (www.genlib.co.za)


Hollard (www.hollard.co.za)


Hospitality industrial and Commercial Underwriting managers (www.hicsa.co.za)


Infiniti (www.infinitiafrica.com)


Leppard and associates (www.leppard.co.za)


Lombard (www.lombardins.com)


MUA (www.mua.co.za)


Mutual and Federal (www.mf.co.za)


One Com (www.one.co.za)


Paladin underwriting managers (www.paladin.co.za)


Santam (www.santam.co.za)


Stalker Hutchinson Admiral (www.sha.co.za)


Savannah marine (www.savannahmarine.co.za)


Tri Marine (www.trimarine.co.za)


Bryte (www.brytesa.com)